Reviews about Learn to Meditate workshops

"Simon's " Learn to meditate workshop" was enlightening and, for me, a smooth introduction to the practise of meditating. Even though I had made a few failed attempts to get into it via a very popular phone app, the techniques that i learnt, really made it accessible to me and spurred me on. I have been trying it everyday since - for  a short time, but Simon was very reassuring about modest starts - one step at a time. The welcome was wonderful - considerate and comfortable - Simon really makes you feel at ease" - Sophie J

"I was looking for a short introduction on how to meditate and Simon's " Learn to meditate workshop" was wonderful. I learned a lot with 6 other lovely people. The location was lovely. Simon was very thorough in his approach. I'd highly recommend the workshop to anyone starting out on their meditation journey" Gerard D

"How can something be deeply calming and massively exhilirating at the same time. I don't know but somehow Simon's inspirational, pragmatic and nurturing "Learn to meditate workshop" does it all" Sara D

"I enjoyed the "Learn to Meditate workshop" very much and retained most of what was taught. It was delivered at a very good pace and was easy to understand the explanations. The room was comfortable and equipment readily available. I would like to get some friends interested" - Pam F

Reviews about the 6 week yoga iRest course

"Simon ... you are a special being. You have a wonderful, calming manner. Each week I have felt that I was receiving a wonderful gift. I have booked onto your next iRest course too and i am looking forward to another 6 weeks of bliss!" Nicki C

"The 6 week iRest / guided meditation course was excellent. Very much recommend. One can see the benefits after even after the first session. My personal aim was to achieve deep relaxation, which this course helped me to achieve" N.J.

"The 6 week course was my first time of experiencing iRest and I really enjoyed it! The sessions were very relaxed and the information shared quite informative. I will definately continue with this practise as it has helped me to reflect in ways that I have never done before" Patricia F

"Simon has an amazing way of talking you into a very relaxed and safe place during his iRest / yoga nidra sessions. Highly recommended" Chris A

" It is a great course and a great introduction to iRest / yoga nidra in a relaxed and informal atmosphere" Andrea R

" The 6 week iRest / yoga nidra course was practical and meaningful which gives you the tools to remain both calm and focused in response to life's challenges. I particularly liked the insights I gained into the connections between my physical and emotional responses and how being aware of this can be helpful" Sara D

I really enjoyed the whole course. Simon is a great teacher gives the student time to discuss what they experienced He always listens and help students in any way to solve the problems they encountered during the course. He is a great listener and teacher who is very calm.Thank you I have been given tools to deal with life in a better way" Margaret A

"Simon's iRest course will provide you with a concise introduction, delivered with clarity" Alan R

"The 6 week iRest / yoga nidra course was a very accessible grounding in yoga nidra that I hope I will continue to build on through regular practice" C Thomas

"The iRest / guided meditation course has been wonderful. I have found myself a very warm and welcoming place, where i developed my ability to concentrate and focus. We shared some very good discussions within the group. I would definitely recommend it" Maria J

Reviews about urban day retreats

"The meditation urban day retreat was the perfect escape and antidote to today's busy life. It was a great way to deepen my knowledge of meditation and try some new forms of meditation, and learn how to better practice meditation at home. I came away feeling refreshed, revived and absolutely centered" Talya S

"The meditation urban day retreat was very informative and focused. Simon presented a range of techniques which opened up many things I could add to my practise. I particularily liked the style of Yoga Nidra used at the end. I found the style of Yoga Nidra he used very thorough and containing. It has awakened an interest that I would like to pursue further" Marian M