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Learn to Meditate 4 Week Beginners Course

Starting Thursday April 28th 7pm - 8.15pm


A 4 week course to train you in a wide range of meditation techniques & including pranayama (breathing practices / movement of Prana) & mudras (which can support your meditation practise)

What will this course with Simon do for me?

People who meditate regularly report benefits including - ​Feeling more energised, Improved focus and concentration, Increased creativity, productivity, performance , Reduced levels of anxiety and stress, Reduced feelings of being overwhelmed, Being less reactive and more responsive, Increased patience, intuition and empathy, A clearer mind, Improved decision making, A greater perspective in life, Becoming more resilient to challenges in relationships and life, Feeling more centred and happy, Improved self awareness, Expanded consciousness, More balance in life.

Price - £60 in person at Yogaloft Beethoven St or Online via zoom @Home £45

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Learn to Meditate - 2 hour afternoon beginners workshop 

"I was looking for a short introduction on how to meditate and Simon's workshop was wonderful. I learned a lot with 6 other lovely people. The location was lovely. Simon was very thorough in his approach. I'd highly recommend the course to anyone starting out on their meditation journey" - Gerard D

"The meditation workshop was the perfect escape and antidote to today's busy life. It was a great way to deepen my knowledge of meditation and try some new forms of meditation, and learn how to better practice meditation at home. I came away feeling refreshed, revived and absolutely centered" 

- Talya S


About this meditation workshop / course :

During this introduction to meditation workshop we will experience different meditation practices including how to use the breath to overcome distractions, meditation using mantra & visualisations.

We will explore different gentle exercises that can help us sit more comfortably to meditate, practices that can help to quieten our mind prior to meditation, including pranayama practices (breathing & the movement of prana) and the use of mudras.

Simon will share with you tools, hints and tips that can help you overcome some of the main obstacles that can stop us from meditating. You can sit on chairs or the floor on cushions / supports, whatever you prefer.

It is ideal for beginners and / or anyone who wants to try different meditation practices.

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All levels guided meditation mini series:iRest yoga nidra


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People who practise iRest report reduced depression, insomnia, pain, stress, fear and anxiety. They also report having a greater ability to relax, enjoy life and find inner peace. 
iRest is an accessible form of meditation based on the ancient practise of yoga nidra and adapted for modern life by combining it with western psychology and neuroscience. It provides tools that can be used to skilfully deal with challenging situations in daily life, calm the nervous system and help you establish a strong sense of well-being. 
You are encouraged to lie down and Simon will guide you through a process of relaxation and self-inquiry, inviting you to become increasingly aware of your physical body, focusing on your breath and inner world.
Each session includes a short introduction to that particular week’s theme, followed by a 30 – 40 minute guided meditation and finishing with questions and reflections. 
Everyone is welcome.

Week 1 - iRest yoga nidra / guided meditation session - "Building resiliency in times of uncertainty"

Week 2 - iRest yoga nidra / guided meditation session - "Awakening to your inner wisdom"

Week 3 - iRest yoga nidra / guided meditation session - "The power of opposites in supporting your wellbeing". 

Week 4 - iRest yoga nidra / guided meditation session - "Opening the doorway to true joy and happiness"
Everyone is welcome.


This is not a physical yoga class. All participants either lie on the ground, on a yoga mat and blanket ( with optional bolster cushions /support under your knees and / or a blanket under your head) or you can sit in a chair on the sofa.
Suitable for all levels including beginners and those more experienced in meditation.

In person at Yogaloft Beethoven St & online via zoom 

Price £15 per session or £55 for all 4 in person, 

Online price £10 per session or £35 for all 4.

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Guided Meditation / iRest Yoga Nidra 6 week course - Ideal for everyone whether you are a beginner to meditation or more experienced.

"A practical and meaningful meditation course which gives you the tools to remain both calm and focused in response to life's challenges. I particularly liked the insights I gained into the connections between my physical and emotional responses and how being aware of this can be helpful"    Sara D

"This guided meditation / iRest course provides you with tools to help you relax deeply, release stress, increase resiliency, improve your interpersonal relationships and provide you with greater mastery and control in your life" 

TBC  - Thursdays 7pm - 8.15pm

Online via zoom 

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This guided meditation course also known as iRest is a research backed practise that teaches tools that can be used to to deeply calm the nervous system, develop a strong sense of well being, peace and skillfully deal with challenging situations throughout daily life including: coping with daily stress, resolving trauma, decreasing depression and anxiety, relieving chronic pain, improving sleep. 

Check out the latest research here

At the beginning of this practise, you are actively encouraged to lie down, (but you can sit if you wish to) and get as comfortable as you can. What follows is then a guided process of relaxation and self inquiry where you become increasingly aware of your physical body including your breath and inner world. You will likely experience yourself in a level of consciousness somewhere between being fully awake and sleeping and it is possible to lose the sense that one is separate from others and to tap into an unshakable sense of interconnectedness to all of life.


Through its practise, it teaches you to carefully investigate the nature of the beliefs that you hold about yourself, as well as to integrate feelings, emotions and thoughts both positive and negative in order to recognise your true nature, your underlying peace of mind and equanimity that is always present amidst all the changing circumstances of life. This meditative practise shows that finding inner peace is not some closed secret but open to everyone who is interested in finding it.

There are 10 steps to this meditation practise and each week we focus on key elements building up to a full practise in the 6th week. At the beginning of each session we will explore different aspects of the practise in more detail and there will be time for discussions and questions and every week there will also be a practise.

People who practise iRest yoga nidra report:

*reduced depression, fear and anxiety

*greater ability to relax and enjoy life

*reduced insomnia and levels of stress

*improved interpersonal relations

*reduced chronic and acute pain

*increased inner peace and well being


Cost = TBC 

*Includes the 6 week course

*Six mp3 meditations recorded in class for use at home or on the move

Teacher : Simon Hoten

Suitable for? 
Everyone is welcome, including beginners and those more experienced in meditation. This is not a physical yoga class. All participants either lie on the ground, on a yoga mat and blanket ( with optional bolster cushions /support under your knees and / or a blanket under your head) or you can sit in a chair on the sofa.

Location : Online via zoom via Yogaloft

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