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What type of meditation do you/meditationwithsimonhoten teach?


I teach meditation focused on an object (a mantra/sound, the breath or an image) and guided meditation / iRest™.


Is the meditation you teach 

affiliated with any religion? 

No. It is non religious.

You do not have to believe anything to practise it but it can sit alongside any religion too. Meditation is something that you experience.

About me

Hi, I'm Simon and I first started meditating in 2003. I was 40 years old, a merchandise manager in a very fast paced working environment which included lots of travelling. I was trying to live life to the fullest! I enjoyed my job, but was stressed a lot of the time with erratic sleep patterns, and felt “off” (like something wasn’t quite right) regularly. I had also experienced anxiety and panic attacks. I had read that meditation might help, so i booked myself onto a 10 day silent meditation retreat. Talk about throwing myself in at the deep end! It certainly was a life changing experience, but when i came back to London and back to my old life, it didn't work as well. So i explored other meditation practices until i found the one that worked for me. The great news is that i did find the right practice and i have been meditating, enjoying the benefits ever since!

With a regular meditation practise, I have experienced many benefits including improved focus and energy, reduced symptoms of stress and improved sleep patterns.

Wild Nature

Meditation - in person & online
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workshops with Simon Hoten
Helping you become the best version of yourself.
Teaching you tools that can help you to reduce stress &
anxiety, Improve your sleep, your focus and concentration,
be more productive and feel more energised and happy.
How would your life be different with tools like that? 



Meditating regularly can help you to:


Experience reduced levels of anxiety and stress


Improve focus and concentration


Feel more centred and happy


Be less reactive and more responsive 

Become more resilient to challenges

"I was looking for a short introduction on how to meditate and Simon's "Learn to meditate workshop" was wonderful. I learned a lot in a lovely  environment and put it into practise the very next day"

Gerhard D